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Testimonials - Aastra Clean.


Punctual, quick, efficient, good advice and value for money, an excellent service from Aastra Clean. I pointed out specific problems, I was given an honest assessment of what could be achieved and everything was done to improve these areas. I benefit from better looking carpets that are now stain protected.

Cheryl Corcoran, Lansdown, Bath

We have used Aastra Clean once. A very good overall feel for the company and the personal attention received was a big benefit.

Mrs Britten, Highbridge, Somerset.

Thanks for a great job well done, I’ve already passed on your number to 2 people even before your “follow up letter” received today – Hope you continue to be as successful as you already seem to be.
Great Business – methods too!

Mrs P. Hurley Bishopsworth Bristol

Having used Aastra Clean more than 5 times, my overall feelings very good.

Efficient, punctual, reliable, friendly, flexible & thorough I like the News Letter and special offers!
A specific experience I was happy with was the flexibility- booked for a Friday morning then was able to change to the Wednesday morning. I needed the flexibility because of a number of appointments each day – getting house up together to sell.
Good value for money, plus everything outlined in the above.
Good workers who get on with their job without needing too much attention.

Mrs Neziri, Stoke Bishop, Bristol

We have used Aastra Clean every month for the past 11 years, in this time the overall feeling I have for this company is their knowledge of carpet care and cleaning are excellent.
Carpets are cleaned outside of main core hours giving very little disruption to our staff and visitors.
Carpet care is now not a problem I have to think about.

Imperial Tobacco Ltd
Southville Bristol.

First time of using Aastra Clean our overall feeling is that they offer an excellent service. A very professional and efficient service from the initial visit, through to the first full clean. We are very happy.
All benefits received with the flexible maintenance plan make’s us feel confident that any issues with our carpets and soft furnishings will be quickly resolved.

Neville Road Surgery